Friday, October 28, 2011

BOOK: Wedding Album

This is a wedding album I made for some friends using a variety of techniques. This was mostly an experimental project as they weren't too specific about what they wanted so I tried a few new ideas.

1. The idea of creating a 'window' for a photograph at the front of the book had gotten my attention a while back but the design element practically screams "photo album". I created the raised border using grey-board and added a layer of thin, brown paper over it to remove some of the 'seams'.

2. I used a Half-Cover bind with leather corners and spine since I was running out of leather.

3. I wanted to try a 'window in a window' or 'border inside of a border' design element where the outside of the book has a raised border and then another border set inside the edge. I think it really brings some interesting design elements to the cover of the book but will have to fiddle with how I use it on future projects.

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