Monday, July 2, 2012

Project: Three Keys

Name: Three Keys
Size: Size 5, Double Fold
Cover: Leather Cover
Cover Material: Black Leather
Pages: 600 (approximately)
Paper: 75 lb
Elements: Two buckles on cover flap, book ribbon,
Estimated Value: $50.00

Description: A size 5, double-fold journal with a depressed design of a pentagram and three skeleton keys on the outer cover.


So I need to create an image of a pentagram with three skeleton keys at the base. 

This will fit onto the front cover of the book as a recessed image (where the image is sunk into the cover board)

The whole book will be closed and sealed with a flap on the back cover and two brass buckles to hold it closed as I did earlier with the Paladrym.

So when it's finally finished the book will look something like this: (with a black cover)

Update: 6:25.12

Work and finding an alternative source for grey board has taken it's toll and I was only recently able to finish the body of the book. I still have yet to mount the buckles and straps on the cover but I am going to show it to the client tomorrow to get his input for where he wants them.

I forgot how labor-intensive double-folds can be. :)

Pics to come.

Update: 5.30.12
I've finished the exterior cover for the book - the shaded areas will be carved out in the next day or so.

Update: 5.29.12

Secured enough grey board for the cover and have sewn up the secondary book. Now all I have to do is layout and carve the symbol, build the buckles and start assembly.  

 Update: 7.2.12


I've delivered the 3-Keys to its new owner who has promised that he will tell me the Book's name when it's revealed.


  1. Beautifully done, dear brother...Beautifully done...

    If things continue the way they are going, I might need to avail myself of such a tome.


  2. An absolutely beautiful work of art! I am sure that the owner is very proud of it!

  3. Thanks. It takes a lot of work but the end is always worth it. I had never done a cover with both positive and negative spaces before (the pentacle and keys were a PAIN) but I think it turned out very nice.