Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wicker Tree Symbol

 So I was  at Walmart and saw a DVD title that caught my attention: The Wicker Tree. It is the sequel to the original Wicker Man movie back in the 1970's with Christopher Lee. The symbol on the front of the DVD cover caught my attention as an interesting combination of the sun-and-face design along with a pentacle.

So I decided to do a search for the image and found something that I could start with. I didn't want to use their versions because it's full of inverted crosses and that's hard to do as background filler in presswork for a leather journal.

I sketched out half of the design (since I would simply duplicate that half to make the whole) and scanned it in. When I combined the two halves together it made a weird... crown-ish design at the top. The wavey sun-rays should spiral around the sun in the same direction (and I planned on fixing that) but the image with the central 'crown' thing just looked interesting.

But I still wanted to see what the image looked like with the radial sun-bursts going in the right direction so I fixed it and decided to add some color for the wavy lines. In the finished design for the book, I'll simply press the entire shaded area and dye it darker.
But - since the book would not be white I wanted to see what the black on stained-leather would look like and knocked together a quick representation of the different looks.

I'll post finished progress pics once I start working on it.

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