Monday, April 1, 2013

Books from Labyrinth

A new movie caught my attention called Labyrinth based on the series of books by Kate Mosse.

In the two-part series they reference three books that have something to do with the Holy Grail.

I didn't quite pick up on what the books were about save for their titles:

The Book of Numbers
The Book of Potions
and The Book of Words.

Below I've attached screen-caps from the movie of the first two books (the book of words was only shown in wrappings at the end).

It appears as though the book of potions is a coptic-style book where the pages are sewn to each other and then to a cover. The book of numbers, however, appears to a period bind from around the 1200's when the movie was set.

Cover of Book of Numbers

Cover of Book of Potions

Internal shot, Book of Numbers

Cover of Book of Numbers with what appears to be leather straps for  tapes. 

Spine of Book of Potions - notice the tied cords.

Cover of Book of Potions, notice what appears to be a metal plate on the cover as decoration as well as the hidden cords on the spine. 

More detail on the cover of the Book of Potions.

Scan from one of the pages of the Book of Potions.

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