Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project: Douay Rheims Bible

This is another book repair project. As you can see, this is a cloth-board book that has its spine falling apart.

That's almost always the case with old books: the boards are fine except for the corners but the spine literally falls to pieces.
The spine for this book is nearly fallen off and is only held together by a wish and a 'prayer'.

The end pages that would hold the book block to the cover have been torn and will have to be replaced to return the book to a serviceable state.

The spine of the book has also cracked, not just the covering for the spine but the actual stitching itself.

The large section at the back of the book is in two parts now - and will have to be re-sewn back into the block.

The rear cover and end page have completely detached from the book and will have to be repaired.
What I would recommend:

  • Recover the boards and repair the cover to make it able to protect the pages.
  • Re-sew the loose section to reattach it to the book block.
  • Reattach any loose pages. 
  • Replace the end pages
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