Monday, May 20, 2013

Leather Stamping

To continue my recent foray into all-leather covers, I've been working with some leather stamps.

Usually I would employ leather stamps to decorate a book's border. It's a fairly simple way of adding design to the book without having to spend hours hand-pressing the design by hand.

 This stamp (the thing that looks like a pawn from chess) can easily be used to create what I would call a 'tulip' design for a border.
 The same design can be used to wrap around the book with something at the corner (as shown above) or left open (below) for a different stamp (perhaps something round)

There's also a fairly simple stamp that I ran across that would seem to be perfect for most of my covers.
The 'X' can be repeated over and over again to almost create the "Tripple Moon" symbol commonly associated with Goddess worship - or it could just be a simple, two-strand twist for a book's border.

Update 5.20.13

This pattern of alternating oak leaves is made from one of Tandy's Leather Stamps. Click here for the Right-facing and here for the Left.

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