Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project: Necro-King

Name: Necro-King Size: 1, Brick
Cover: Leather Cover
Cover Material: Stained Leather
Pages: 500 (approximately)
Paper: 75 lb
Elements: Burned and Painted Design on Cover

Estimated Value: $30.00 

Update 5.19.13

Design burned into the leather with a wood-burning tool

Design painted and leather dyed with an oak finish.

A single leather tie will hold the book closed.

Update 5.17.13

The design taped to the cover

After speaking with the client, the 3-D cover design was just not practical. When I brought up the idea of an all-leather, size-1 Brick (like the owl-brick) he liked it. 

The all-leather cover compromise for the book has started.

Update 9.23.12

On a whim, I thought that I would try the cover with a three-dimensional element such as a stryofoam skull. Since it's Halloween season (for decorations and such) it's a perfect time to grab some materials for books. Using the basic shield shape from the original design, I made a mock-up of it and set the skull in the center to get a good idea of proportion. Since the client was looking for a size 4 book (7 x 9.5"), it's slightly less than a full sheet of paper (8.5 x 11").

Aside from shrinking the shield down a bit to make a better fit on the cover, I think that the skull is a very interesting embellishment. I'm not sure of the functionality of the book with the huge skull attached to one cover, but it would definitely get people's attention.

I think that the added bulk of the skull might be a bit much unless I bulk up the shield base as well. So I'll have to raise it off of the cover by maybe a quarter inch or so. This will increase the weight of the book (having nearly a double-thick cover) which will then have to be mirrored in the back so as not throw the balance off.
Silhouette of the crown that's to be used as a design element.

Silhouette of the shield base that's to be used as a background for the skull and crown.

Update 9.18.12

I've spoken with the client and he likes the image of the skull and the crown so that's where I'll start. 

Update: 9.17.12

I have created some concept designs for the front cover. These are simple versions of skulls that might look good as a raised image.

Original Post: 9.12.12

Name: Necro-King Size: Size 5, Double Fold
Cover: Leather Cover
Cover Material: Black Leather
Pages: 500 (approximately)
Paper: 75 lb
Raised symbol
Estimated Value: $70.00 

What style of book do you want? Single-Fold (normal-style book)  
What size of book do you want? Size 4: A book that is 7 by 9 1/2 inches in size  
What kind of cover do you want for the book? All-Leather  
What kind of paper do you want for the book Thick-weight paper  
What COLOR of paper do you want for the book? Stained / aged. 
What kind of closure do you want for the book? Two Buckles (Silver) 
Embellishments Raised cover symbol (symbol raised up from the cover of the book. Specify design 
at the end)  

Briefly describe the book. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure of what symbol I want on the cover yet. 
All that I do know, is that I want it to have something to do with my personal studies. I'll most likely think of something as time goes on, but for now, all I am certain about is the fact that I am wanting to make this tome into my personal grimoire on the subject of necromancy. It shall include my spells, as well as my personal notes and instructions.

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