Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project: Green Knot

Name: Green Knot
Size: Size 5, Double Fold
Cover: Leather Cover
Cover Material: Black Leather
Pages: 600 (approximately)
Paper: 75 lb
Elements: Four book ribbons, raised symbol
Estimated Value: $50.00

Description: A size 5, double-fold journal with a depressed design of a witches knot on the outer cover.

Update (5.29.12) Additional greyboard has been found for the project and is being shipped to me. Should have it in hand in a few days and then I can start the carving for the symbol.

Finding a good copy of a witches knot wasn't that hard (thank you Google images).

So here's what the book would look like as a mock-up of the raised design and the cover. (I omitted the 4 ribbons)

The raised image of the knot was left white for the image above but in the final project it will be under the leather. I just have no idea how to make it look that way with Gimp.


Now that I have the boards taped up and ready for the leather the question was raised as to what version of green to dye the leather. I'm going to experiment tomorrow with some various shades to come up with a few versions of a good 'green' for the client and let the client pick.
The cover boards with spines all taped out and ready for the leather.

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