Friday, September 21, 2012

Book: Chinese Copper

When I experiment with a technique it doesn't always work out for the best. Sometimes the process, the materials or even the idea is just so wonky that it doesn't want to work out. So when I get an idea to experiment with some new aspect of binding I usually fall back to the trusty composition notebook. Yes, those cardboard-covered notebooks that you can get from the dollar store make excellent test subjects.

Take this recent experiment with the concept of a 'Triple Fold'.  I have made Double Fold books several times and I have been asked if I could ever make a book with three sections. Since I wasn't sure how it would work - or if people would actually want a book with three different sections to it, I decided to give it a go.

The three books are bound one to each other in a long, continuous section so that the inner-most book is hidden within the second book which is then turned inward against the first. Structurally this allows the author to divide their subjects into three separate areas of focus. It could be daily notations, experimental notes and then formulas, for example.

The cover was created by covering the whole book in a layer of brown, kraft paper to give it a single, uniform 'skin'. The skin was then given a coat of green paint to kill the dullness of the natural kraft paper. Once dried I added yellows and browns with sponge painting and then added some copper highlights. I then added some raised elements on the front cover and sunk-in some Chinese-looking scrap booking embellishments to complete the look. The disk item in the center swivels to reveal an open space below where one might put a photo or some other type of decoration unique to the author. The book has no closure because I couldn't think of one that would go with the design. Estimated value: 10-20 dollars.

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