Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project: Red Man

Name: Red Man Book
Size: Size 5, Double Fold
Cover: Leather Cover
Cover Material: Red Leather
Pages: 500 (approximately)
Paper: 75 lb
Elements: None (currently)
Estimated Value: $60.00 

From the 'What Kind of Book do you Want' survey.
What style of book do you want? Double-Fold (two-in-one style book)  
What size of book do you want? Size 5: A book that is 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size. AKA: "Tome" What kind of cover do you want for the book? All-Leather  
What kind of paper do you want for the book Thick-weight paper  
What COLOR of paper do you want for the book? Stained / aged.  
What kind of closure do you want for the book? Two Buckles (Silver) 
Embellishments Pressed cover symbol, Silver book corners (to protect them) 
Briefly describe the book. I would like red leather with the Vitruvian Man as the symbol pressed into the cover. 

I'll be contacting the client tonight with an approximate price for the book and see where he'd like to go with the project. 

Update 9.13.12 

After conferring with the client, he's opted to remove the pressed symbol of the Vitruvian Man and remove the silver book corners.
This leaves the book as:

Size 5 Double-Fold book with stained-pages and a red-leather cover.

Totally doable. :)

Estimated price on the book: 50.00 (DF) + 5-10.00 (Red Leather)=60.00

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